24 Pcs Colorful Soft Polymer Plasticine Effect Clay Blocks DIY Clay Crafts Educational Toy


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It is the newest and most malleable version of the premier polymer clay, Fimo by Eberhard Faber.

It is suitable for young hands and comes in 24 great colours.
It is great for modelling, card toppers, cake decorations and toppers , scrapbooking embellishments and much more
We don't offer color choice. Your order will be sent in colors at random.


Size:4*2*1cm (approximate)
Color:24 (Random)
Material: fimo
Fimo stereotypes method:
1. Boiled stereotypes method: the works into the cold water is heated to boil and keep for 10-20 minutes,
turn off the heat, the water temperature of natural cooling, the works of fish
2 baking stereotypes method: the works in the oven set temperature of 110-150 degrees and bake 10-15 minutes,
and other furnace to room temperature will work out
 Note: Do not put it in such as radiators and other high temperature, easy to volatile oil resulting clay mud dry and hard
Package Included:
24 x Soft Effect Polymer Clay




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